Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carpet Day

We are so happy to have carpet. It was even fun to vacuum it for the first time.
We got the same exact carpet as the whole downstairs and it surprising how different it can look in each room. It was such a fun day. Dev and Al promptly turned it into a ball playing field of some sort. I hope my new windows survive those two hooligans....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Landscaping Begins

Since I happen to know a great landscaper, we have a little 'in' to get going on the reformation of our yard. It was just a little bit hurtful to see that darn grass that I have tried to keep green for 18 years now torn up and hauled away in one afternoon. Oh well...Here we go with a mud hole at the moment. This is a view of the back yard from the top of the stairs where the patio will be.
Sad, sad, sad spot where my kids spent MANY happy hours digging and playing and imagining lots of new worlds. Steffi felt a little melancholy to see her sandbox go. We actually found one of Kyle's long lost Ninja Turtles buried deep in the pile. I wonder how many years it has been there.
Back of the house view. This will eventually be filled with a little grass trail and beautiful big bushes and trees and flowers and bench so that I can sit and read a good book.
Different View of the sight for the patio.
Side view. Those fruit trees will be gone soon. I am tired of the mess they make. Poor dead grass.

Fun in Camouflage

Steff had a fun night last week "paint-balling". They looked ready for some serious warfare. Too bad her fella got called into work just as they were beginning. Sad for Mark. Must be because he was wearing that 'Dirty-Ute' hat....haha Left to Right: Steffi, Mark, Mark's friend Zack, and Steff's friend Andrea.

Painting Day

It is painting day! We got most of the painting done for the addition this week.
I was amazed at how fast those guys can paint! It took them a couple of days to do what would have taken me weeks. I am really happy with the colors and am anxious to start decorating.This is the Master Bedroom. I really love the bright, cheeriness of the yellow and blue. Mark and I stayed in a beautiful seaside resort in California last Spring when we went to see "Wicked". These were the colors of the room.
We loved it and tried to duplicate it. Now, if I just had the beach right outside my window...

This is the view from the other side of the bedroom. The closets and doors are a really bright white. I can't wait to start throwing my shoes in them.
The Mantel and Cabinets came today and they started to put them together. I think they are even nicer than I imagined! this also show off my blue accent wall.
Cabinet in the bathroom. The paint in there is tan.
Pretty paint on the other 3 walls of the family room. I hope it will look nice with the carpet. We are getting to the end.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Visitors from North of the Border

We had a great time last week when DeeAnn and 3 of her kids came for a visit. Granny Ruth and Kathy's oldest daughter came along, as well. We took a little trip to Salt Lake where we hit the Hogle Zoo, 'This is the Place' Monument and The Gateway. We had people sleeping in every corner of the house and lots of laughs and good times. Come again, any time! At the Zoo: Brandi, Syd, Braxton, Addi, Me, Al and Dev
Dev and the "Ghost of the Bayou". Very cool white alligator on loan right now from another zoo. We were so excited to see him.
"I say a little prayer for you".... This is the Place Monument Park.
Dev, getting wet at the Olympic Legacy Fountains at the Gateway.
Wet kids! Addi , Brandi, De, and Braxton.