Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Official!

As miraculous as it may seem to those of you who have known Kyle for many years, he has proposed to a lovely young lady, and she has bravely said "yes".
We is amazing. Kyle was brave himself this week, and ventured to Salt Lake to have a visit with Brother Larkin. He came out of it not too injured, with the "go-ahead" of his life. The big day is planned for August 13th, in the Draper Temple. We are so delighted for them both and are anxious for all the festivities coming along this August. Congratulations! This is a fun picture of Kyle and Heather on the phone, calling President and Sister Bennett in Bulgaria. They wanted to call their mission president first thing. They were able to get through to them and invited them to their wedding. We will all keep our fingers crossed that they will be able to come, as they will be returning home in July. We all love the Bennetts!
The "Bling".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adios, Elder Ramirez!

Here are the last couple of photos we were able to get of Steff and her boyfriend, Mark. He enters the MTC today! He is headed to Merida, Mexico. He is a great guy. His farewell was quite remarkable, and his talk very sweet. We will all miss him very much. Good Luck, Mark!
Happy Trails to you....until we meet again....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Awww... Aren't the kids cute on Easter morning???

Happy Birthday Mark!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Mark's Birthday! It was fun because it was Conference Sunday, so no meetings! Rich invited us to his house for a 'Conference Brunch' in the morning. Thanks Rich! It was delicious!
The only sad part was that Mark had a killer toothache. That was a bummer.
But, somebody ought to get the fire extinguisher! Make a Wish!

Happy Party-goers: l to r:Claudia, (Friend from Germany) Theresa, (Kathy's exchange student from Germany) Kathy, Chad, hiding Rich, and Al.
The 'wild' table: Dev, Steff, Mark, Birthday Boy, Kyle, Heather.

Mark, Mark,and Steff, serving ice cream.

Ta-Da! Finished Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel

We have just finished remodeling the last room in the house that needed it! Hooray! Here is a look at our new upstairs bathroom, in the process...