Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Steff!

It was Steffi's 22nd birthday! 22 in '11 sounds like a lucky year to me!
Dev and I hopped in the car and drove to Cedar City to help her celebrate. We made a plan with her cute roommate, and met her at Dairy Queen, where she thought she was being treated to ice cream.we surprised her and it was a very good time! Zane and Kelsey joined us for the fun, too. Surprise, Steff!
We celebrated the day with a new porcelain 'Mulan' doll for her collection,
and a giant chocolate cupcake.
The gang's all here! Kaylee, Kelsey, Zane, Dev, Steff, Kenzie, and Diana


We got the best news we ever heard! Kyle and Heather are going to have a baby! We expect the new arrival around August 15th. They will have been married almost exactly 2 years when it is time for the big event! They gave us this really fun puzzle to put together while we were out to dinner at Christmas time. We all got a piece to fit together. I am so very excited, and truly feel overjoyed at the news. Here's the announcement:
Mark and I are gonna be grandparents! How funny is that? I am SO not that old! Mark is......

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had our first "Snow Day" ever! It was a crazy storm on December 22. We woke up to an amazing 'Winter Wonderland". School was cancelled! It seemed like the snowfall I remember from when I was a kid in Bear Lake! It was so beautiful and got us all into the Christmas Spirit!
The view from our front door, across the park.

Can we get to the front door?

Mighty Shovelers!
Yay! Presents!

Christmas Eve

Can we finally come upstairs? Did Santa come?
The boys passing time on Christmas Eve with a hot game of Monopoly.
Dev was the big winner!

Happy Christmas Eve, Mark and Keri. :~)

New Christmas Jammers.

And boy jammers.

Christmas Morning

Steff got her annual porcelain doll. A vintage Strawberry Shortcake this year.
So cute!
Al got a Kindle!

Kyle and Heather stopped by to spread some Christmas cheer!

Dev got a big bean bag, and a razor and shaving creme... He's a man, now!

Yay! A Wii!

More Christmas...

My Downstairs tree is a Teddy Bear Tree. We have gotten a new teddy bear ornament each year since we got married. So, we have a lot of fun memories on this tree!
New elf' outfits for our 'build-a-bear' bears.

Hooray! Steffi is home!

Cute "Marie Cole" statues from Marie herself!

Fun lights in our bedroom.

More Christmas

This is my favorite Christmas decoration ever! A tree full of Raggedy Ann and Andy!
The heart of my tree holds a darling Rag doll my best buddy, Julie gave me.

My little table tree in my front room.

Another cute doll called 'Christmas Morning' from a Marie Osmond "Rag-A-Muffin" Collection.

No stockings were hung by the chimney with care... but I love my Willow Tree Nativity Set,
and my warm, cozy fire.