Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Science Fair

It was Dev's Sixth Grade Science Fair today! He (okay, we) did a good job learning about the Center of Gravity. It was a good day. Especially for me.
My last elementary school science project.....yippee!!!!!

Steffi Regionals 08

Steffi ran her last race of the season last weekend. Mark and I surprised her and drove to Colorado to watch her run. It was pretty hilarious! I had been in kahoots with one of her teammates, and so we knew exactly where they were when we drove into town. The look on her face was so cute when we walked into the restaraunt where she was eating and waved at her! It was a long trip, but fun, and totally worth it to see her cross one more finish line.
This is her, warming up, trying to pretend that she doesn't have an injury...
(She has a sore, bruised bone on the bottom of her foot.) That is her buddy, Kate, right next to her. Team gets ready to start.
Steff, looking strong for a minute. After the race. They look awfully pretty to be such tough athletes, don't they?

Ammon and the BYU Cougars

We had the best time a few weeks ago! Our friend Ammon was nominated and chosen to be a 'Thursday's Hero" for the BYU football team. He and his family got to go and watch a practice and meet all the players and coaches. They were kind enough to invite us along! How lucky were we???? We got to have a tour of the offices, locker room, and fields. We sat in a little theater and watched a film of last year's highlights. We saw all the players who are currently serving missions. We saw trophies and paintings of former greats. Then, we actually got to walk out onto the field and meet the players. After they presented Ammon with armfuls of cool stuff, we got to shake each one of their hands. Boy, were Dev and Al in heaven!
This is Ammon wearing his "Quest" shirt. He was a little overwhelmed by the end, but had such a big smile almost the whole time. Way to Go, BYU! Austin Collie and Max Hall came by to say hello. Isn't Ammon's face cute?
Al, Collie again, and Dev trying really hard to look tough. (Hall in the background.)
Some of my favorite people in the world are in this photo! This is Ammon's family. They are a spunky bunch and I think they are a hoot to be around. Ammon's mom, Chris, is standing directly behind him. She is one of my dear friends and a 'kindred spirit'. She works harder and loves more deeply than any woman I know. How I wish I was like her...
Fun picture of Dev, who can't believe he is standing this close to Max Hall!

Watchin' the Cougs!

Ammon and Coach Bronco Mendenhall having a little Pow Wow. More Coaching

The team gathered while we waited to talk to them all.
I love this picture of Ammon and Dev. They are just watching practice and waiting until we get called onto the field.

Ammon, a true hero!

More BYU Football Fun

Here is Dev, doing the "Haka" He looks menacing, doesn't he? Al, checking out Max Hall's locker.
Dev thinks Unga's sweaty clothes were a good place to stop!

Dev and Ammon on the balcony, 'overseeing' a football practice.

Dev and Al, enjoying the view! What fun we had! Thanks so much for inviting us, Clarks! We love you guys!