Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let the Celebration Begin!!!!

The fun we have been planning all summer long finally came! We had a dinner at our house to celebrate Kyle and Heather the night before the wedding. It turned out so well! Who knew we could fit so many people into our yard! Kris (Mark's partner) and Kim Ashby, were here to see the fruits of their labors. They both worked very hard for a long time to make our landscaping look just perfect for the big day. Kris worked his magic and we love, love, love our yard!

Tables ready to go.

Steff lighting candles in the lanterns.

Dev and his buddy, Will, supervising the cooking....

Our dear friends, the Ford family, cooked a dutch oven dinner for us!
It was delicious! It was so fun to have them out in our driveway all day long, cooking away! It could not possibly have tasted better.
Thanks, Aubri, Brooke, Tim, Misty, Mary and JD!

Wedding Dinner Guests

Wedding Dinner

Random pictures of the guests at the Wedding Dinner

Kyle and Heather's mission president couple, Blair and Jane Bennett, came to the festivities! They drove all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to be a part of it. (That is about a 20 hour drive!)
It was so much fun to finally meet them, and learn for ourselves, just why they are so beloved! We agree!Sister Bennett, Heather, Kyle, President Bennett

Wedding Day

We had a marvelous day at the Draper Temple for Kyle and Heather's sealing.
It was more beautiful and fulfilling than I could ever describe, to see these two young people make sacred promises to each other. It was an absolute priveledge to witness it. The only major mishap we had was poor Uncle Rich, getting hit by a car, while running back into his house to fetch his temple recommend! He is okay, a little bumped and bruised, but not too worse for it. We are so glad that he was not badly hurt and was able to make it to most of the wedding fun. Coming out of the temple for the first time, as a married couple.

Look! We did it!

President and Sister Bennett with the happy couple.

Kathy's cute kids.

Sisters.... I know, I am the cutest.....


The family waiting patiently for their turn at the camera.

Kyle's darling new mother-in-law fixes his boutonniere.

Katie, Steffi, Heather, Missy, and Lisa

Mark and his mom.

More Wedding

Heather's family hosted the most beautiful wedding! It was at "Le Jardin", some amazing greenhouses that they own. It was simply magical! What a day full of memories we all have! Thanks, Larkin's!Gr &Gr Minson, Mark, Heather, Kyle, Keri, Gr & Gr Wells

Ammon brought his parents to the reception.
We love them!

Cut the cake.

First Dance to "Me and You" by Kenny Chesney

Catch the bouquet.

The Babies

Our family was blessed with 2 new babies this year! Ken & Halle May and Brad & Cody Jay.

Andrea, Ken and Halle

Ken and Halle

Porch of Fire

We had a super time at Uncle Brad's annual "Porch of Fire". It was a beautiful night with good food, good company, good entertainment.
Lots of family fun!Winners of the "Basket-Brawl" game.

Nice block, Uncle Snip.

Mom, Dad, Andrea and Baby Halle watching the game.

A swing from Steffi.

Brad, explaining the world, to Heather and Kyle.

Bear Lake Fun Run

The boys did their usual race from Montpelier to Paris on the Fourth of July. It was fun for Kyle, because he missed in for the last couple of years while on his mission. Steffi's foot was still healing from surgery, so she didn't get to run.
They did well!Kyle rounding the Ovid turn.

Al, looking tough.

Al was 2nd place overall! Awesome run, Al!


Yippee! They survived!

Devin is a Deacon

Dev turned 12 on June 13th. We decided to wait until July 4th to ordain him a deacon. In our family, we had 2 babies to bless, and a baptism and an ordination all at one time. So we went to Uncle Brad's ward in Georgetown and did it all at once! What fun! Dev and Dad

Cousin Shelby was baptised, too!

Steffi and Heather
Steff finally has a sister!

The Minson's, Plus One. :~)

Ken, Brad, Mark, Dev, Kyle, Grandpa Ross, Grandpa Bob, Al, Johnny and Chad