Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kyle and Heather

I just took a couple of fun pictures of Kyle and his girlfriend, Heather. They met in Bulgaria while they were both missionaries. Heather returned home, to Salt Lake, just in time for Christmas. Today, Kyle and Steffi we asked to sing at Ward Conference. They sang a beautiful arrangement of Savior, Redemmer of My Soul. Heather showed off her mad piano playing skills by accompanying them. They sounded really good! Heather is an amazing pianist! I could hardly count the notes on the page that she was able to play!
Thanks, Heather!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Away to Florida

Mark and I had a really fun get away to Florida a few weeks ago. We went with his partner, Kris and his wife, Kim. We had a really great time together. Mark and Kris went to a Convention to learn and work, and Kim and I got to go along to play! I read a couple of books, and got to see a lot of really amazing sights. We saw Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios , Downtown Disney. Mark even got to go underneath Disney World and see how everything works there. (I prefer to believe that it is indeed...MAGIC.)
Here we are at Downtown Disney one evening where we went for dinner. we ate at the Rain forest Cafe', then wandered around watching shows and shopping a little bit. We graduated from the "Disney Institute", complete with a diploma, and Mickey Ears.

Mark and Kris at the entrance to Epcot Center. Wow was that ever cool!

This is a picture the resort we stayed at. It was called Disney's Coranado. What fun to not have to make the bed for a whole week!

Fireworks Show at Epcot.