Saturday, May 31, 2008

Painting Day!

We got to painting day! I used the same paint as I did the rest of the basement in, to try to make it blend a little bit. I think it turned out really nice. I had to add a few touches of red, because years ago, I put a sign on the side of the sink cabinet called "Taking out the Garbage for Dummies". I put a lot of step by step instructions, so that Kyle and Steffi would actually know how to do it.
(I thought they must not know how.) When Steffi got home from school, it made her mad, and she ripped it off, tearing the finish off of the cabinet as well. So, I just painted the whole darn thing red. I like it! And now Steffi doesn't have to suffer the humiliation of the story anymore.....Okay, I guess she does, and will....until I forget about it. Which I probably won't. Ever.

Tile work

Here is more progress on the bathroom. It looked to me like they were creating, and then putting a puzzle together. I am amazed!

More Remodel

Here are pictures of our ongoing mess in the bathroom. It has been so interesting to watch the process!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We are re-doing our basesment bathroom! It has been so awful for a lot of years. I apologize to all of you who had to use it!!! It has been quite an adventure to only have one bathroom in the house for a while, though! Be glad to have another toilee soon!

Here is the big dirt pile for Dev to play in! It has been quite intriguing to watch the procees!! Come on by and see for yourself! We'll make room for anyone who wants to see!

Here are the beginnings of the "During" stage! Imagine what fun all the dirt outside has done to my carpet inside!

Here are the "Before" shots of our house! We are doing a remodel. The workers just got started last week, so I took a few pictures so that I can remember what it was like to have a back yard!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Last Pinewood Derby...EVER!

We had our final Pinewood Derby last night. Dev's car did well and won 3rd place overall. He wanted it to look like a "Kit Kat Bar". Dev is the kid in the picture with the bright orange shirt....He couldn't find his scout shirt. Helloo....
(It's probably in that black hole that is his closet. Way to go, Dad, (and Kendon, of course) Nice car! Nice finale!

Al isn't such a dummy, afterall...

Alex had a fun night at the Junior High this week. He got a certificate for being in the top 10% of students on the Iowa Basics Examination in several subjects. He also won an award for an outstanding student in Physical Education. This is a picture of him with one of our all-time favorite teachers, Coach Dave "Malibu" Boyack. Thanks coach!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We had a fun weekend when we went to Cedar City to watch Steffi run in her only Home Meet of the Season. What a pretty place!

This was Dev last week running at his 5th Grade Hershey Track Meet. It was a chilly Spring day, and he ran the 400M, 100M and was on the 4x100M relay team. Dev made it to the Finals in the 100M and got 4th or 5th place. (It was really close.) We couldn't tell for sure. Fun Day!