Friday, October 22, 2010

Cross Country 2010

Al and Dev have just finished their Cross Country Season for this year. Al worked very hard and came back so well after the tragic break of his Tibia last February. At the Region Meet, he tied his PR for a 5K, 16:42. We feel very proud of his hard work and hope he will continue to heal and have some more success in his sport. Good Job, Al! State Meet Start Line

Bring it home. Al!

Skyhawks, 2010

Dev's SFJHS CC team.

Oh, Canada!

Me, Mom, and Dee. This was on DeeAnn's Birthday. I haven't gotten to see her on her b-day for over 25 years. What fun!!!

I got to take a really fun trip to Canada with my mom. We went to see my cute sister, DeeAnn and her family. Her son, Jordan is headed to Mexico City for his mission. so we went to his farewell. What fun it was to be a part of that! Thanks Princes!DeeAnn, Mom, and Me at a Dinner Theater that Dee treated us to right as we got off the plane.

We saw Tuesdays with Morrie. Look who starred!!! Jamie Farr!!! He totally winked at me.
He must know that I am the biggest M*A*S*H fan ever!!!!
We had perfect seats, right on the front row.

Me with Brad's darling girls with an "Ice Man" at their new mall.

Mom, Elder Jordan Prince, and me.

Steffi Home Cross Country Meet 2010

Mark and I had a fun time driving to Cedar City to spend some time with Steff. We stayed in a cool Bed and Breakfast, and then got to see run at her Home Meet.Go!
Keep on runnin'!

Steff and her buddy, Kindal.

2010 Thunderbirds!

We love our baby girl!

Alex Homecoming

It was that fun time of year! Homecoming! Alex went to his first high school dance. He asked a darling gal named Jaycee to go with him. This is how she answered him!!!!

He came out of school to find his poor little truck ("Miles")
suffering under the weight of a bunch of bales of hay! Yes, his tire really was flat!!
Isn't that a hoot???? Gotta love farm girls. :~)

Lookin' handsome on his way to pick up Jaycee.

Awww... Cute!

Al has good taste in a pretty girl, ey?

Happy 13th Birthday, Dev!

Dev turned 13 years old on the 13th of June this year!
The Gang's all here!

Yum! Birthday Pie.

New Room!

New cast, just in time for his birthday. He fell off of a bike and broke his wrist. Talk about bad luck. He actually was still able to go to Scout Camp, and play a little bit of baseball.
No swimming, though!

More cast...

Dev's New Room

We did a fun remodel of Devin's bedroom last summer. He got lots of new shelves and paint and carpet. He wanted it to be in "Skyhawk" colors, so, here it is!
New closet doors that actually open and shut!

A built in bookshelf....because he loves to read???? Well, anyway, a cool new bookshelf...

Comfy Carpet Pad

New Carpet in the "Sun Room"

New carpet in the living room.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Steffi Steeplechase

Check out this link to Steffi's awesome run today at her
Summit League Conference Track and Field Championship. She is in Toledo, Ohio.
She had about a 10 second PR. She got third in the whole conference and gets to bring home
her first individual collegiate medal for Track.
Way to go, Steffi!!! We are proud!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.....

Okay, so all I wanted was one nice picture of my kids together..... Just One!
I guess it was more than I should have asked of these four HOODLUMS!
We went to Cedar City to watch Steffi run.
I thought it would be nice to have a picture of them together .
They could not even be serious long enough for me to snap a photos of them.
Following are the 20 or so other photos I took before I finally got ONE where they all looked semi-intelligent. Where do they get this from???

Rotten, Rotten kids.....

Tom Foolery!

And Still More Shenanigans!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Southern Utah Track & Field Heading Back to California this Weekend - Southern Utah Thunderbirds Athletics

Check out this link to Steffi's awesome run last weekend in California. I think the steeplechase is the most brutal, crazy race I ever saw!!! Way to go Steff!

Southern Utah Track & Field Heading Back to California this Weekend - Southern Utah Thunderbirds Athletics

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Wedding Day, Liz!

We just had a really happy weekend! One of Steffi's best friends, Lizzie, got married, so Steffi came up to take part in the festivities. Liz was a beautiful bride. We were blessed to be able to take part in her wedding. Pretty bride and her bridesmaids.

Liz and Steff. Seems like yesterday I was serving tea at their tea parties!

Cutting the cake.

I promised Lizzie's mom long ago that I would make her wedding cake. So, I was brave, and tried my hand at fondant for the first time. It was quite an adventure! Steff and I had a memorable night trying to get it to look nice.

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Steff's injury is healed and she just started her Outdoor Track Season. A couple of weeks ago, she got to go to sunny San Diego and run in a meet. She won the steeplechase event with a PR time of 11:16. Way to go, Steff!