Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eagle Project for Al

Alex got a great start on his Eagle Project on Saturday. He had such a great turnout of friends and neighbors and his leaders to help. We are all so grateful for the good people that live around us. A special thanks to Coach Thompson for all his help and direction and his keys to the kingdom....
The project was at our bran new Salem Hills High School. We unboxed what seemed like 1,000,000 bran new textbooks, stamped them with the school name, numbered them, and then stacked them in the correct classrooms. It turned out to be a really fun morning and Al ended up with about 84 of the 100 or so hours he needs to complete his project.
We also helped Coach Thompson uncrate and carry the new mats for the high jump pit to the shed. When the hurdles arrive, we will help make them look really awesome, too, with our new "perfect" (blue, of course) school colors. That will finish up his project. Thanks to all who came to help Al become a "Big Bird".

New High Jump Mat unboxed, and headed to the Track shed.
Moving along.
It takes a few more people to carry this one. It must be heavier...
Yup, I am going to take your picture, Coach Thompson, even if you glare at me.
No Al, we won't give you a ride.

More Eagle...

Foreign Language Books to be stamped.
Eric, Tannon and Skyler working hard...???
How high can you count?
Lots of folks chippin' in to help Al.
Assembly Line work. Sister Ivey, Sean, and a couple of my valiant laurels, Sarah and Amber stopped by to pitch in. Thanks Ladies.

More Eagle Project

Dev and Cole breaking down boxes.
Some of our awesome ward members came by to help.
colton, Hunter, Blake, Micheal, Nathaniel, Tressa and Amanda

Books, Books, and more books.
Tannon and Al, showing a little hustle... Hey, no running in the halls...
Dev found a faster way to get the books in piles. Not sure the teachers would approve...

More House-Work

The mess inside the mess...
More mess.
Closet shelves looking great.
Rebar (sp?) ready for the concrete to be poured.
The garage is primed and ready to paint.

We are getting to the end, I hope. The finish work is almost done.
Our neighbor, Joe, has been working hard to get it done. A couple of more weeks and we should be able to move in. Yippee.

Speedy Spaniard 08

+ Steffi, bringin' er home.
Al, not too far behind.
Dev, outsprinting the boy right behind him, to win the title in the 1 Mile Run.
Al and Steff, Asthma buddies, still breathing after the race. Who do you think is taller?? Steff is insisting that she is still taller...I'm not too sure...PLEASE VOTE.

We had a lot of fun this year at Spanish Fork's Fiesta Days Celebration. The kids did well at the race. Steffi and Al ran the 10K and Dev ran the 1-Mile. Steff was 2nd place overall, and 1st place in her age group with a time of 40:21. Al was 1st place in his age group at 42:50. Dev was first place overall in the 1-Mile run with a PR of 6:39. Way to go, Runners.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Elder Minson, Alive and Well in Bulgaria

Kyle in the Park with his friends. Not sure where he got that ugly tie.... Pretty sure I didn't pick that one out! I guess he even makes that tie look good, huh?
Me Tarzan.......
You put your left foot in...You put your left foot out......
Fun P-day in Rousse.
Look at the Stawberries! Yum.
These are new pictures we got in the mail from Kyle this week. It is always so fun to see himlooking well. He is now in Sliven, where he is a Branch President.
He will be home on October 1st. Yup, his momma is on the countdown. I can't wait to hear another language coming out of his mouth. We miss him like crazy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Porch of Fire

Every year, we have the best time on the Fourth of July. Uncle Brad and Aunt Jennifer host a fun night they call the "Porch of Fire". It has become a beloved tradition for our family. We just wouldn't miss it if we can help it at all. This year they served BBQ Beef Sancwiches along with Dutch Oven Potatoes, salads and watermelon. Good Food. Good Company. Good Weather. What more could we ask for? Thanks, Brad and Jen! It is always a highlight of our summer.
Mark, as you can see especially enjoyed the fireworks...

Bear Lake Fun

We had a lot of fun at the Lake on our trip home. It was a beautiful day. Mark is the little black dot you can see in the last photo. He went out for a swim and had a ball! Dev was trying to get his beard to look as good as Shoog's. (Maybe a few more years, Dev.) The sand sculpture is their interpretaion of Gome's likeness....Looks just like him, I guess.... Fun times.

KVSI Fun Run

Steffi and Al ran in the Annual KVSI Fun Run in Bear Lake on the Fourth of July. It is a race from Montpelier to Paris, hence the funny distance of 8.6 miles. They both did well! Mark and Diane borrowed my Aunt Donna and cousin Randi's bikes and rode along for fun. Steffi was 5th overall and the 1st woman finisher. She ran it in 1:00:4o. She won a Camp Lantern for her efforts! Cool Prize, huh? Rich and Dev drove along, and blasted "Eye of the Tiger" to inspire the runners! We did have a lot of laughs when I was standing at the finish line and I overheard 2 men talking about Steffi and commenting that she was "built like a truck". Built like a truck???? Just what every girl wants to hear, that she is built like a truck. Way to go Chevy....I mean Steffi....

More KVSI Fun Run

Here is Al on the longest race he has ever run! He looked reaaly great. I was proud of him. He got 7th overall and ran the 8.6 miles in 1:03:35. Mark and Diane and Steff made sure he finished strong!

Sheet Rock Day

I came home from Young Women Camp last week to find most of the sheetrocking done. Wow, did it ever make a difference in how the addition looks. It is really starting to take shape now and I can envision better what it is going to look like when it is done. What a fun adventure we have been on!
We love our builders! They are the best around!