Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Wedding Day, Liz!

We just had a really happy weekend! One of Steffi's best friends, Lizzie, got married, so Steffi came up to take part in the festivities. Liz was a beautiful bride. We were blessed to be able to take part in her wedding. Pretty bride and her bridesmaids.

Liz and Steff. Seems like yesterday I was serving tea at their tea parties!

Cutting the cake.

I promised Lizzie's mom long ago that I would make her wedding cake. So, I was brave, and tried my hand at fondant for the first time. It was quite an adventure! Steff and I had a memorable night trying to get it to look nice.

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Steff's injury is healed and she just started her Outdoor Track Season. A couple of weeks ago, she got to go to sunny San Diego and run in a meet. She won the steeplechase event with a PR time of 11:16. Way to go, Steff!

"Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break. Break me off a piece of that.....

So, we have had a little excitement in the last couple of months. Since January, Alex had been complaining of shin splints. We had been treating his sore legs as such since then, with ibuprofen, ice, and a little rest. But he mainly continued to run on it. At the Simplot Games in Idaho, he was halfway through his 1600M race, when he collapsed on the track. We took him to the emergency room where they x-rayed and found that he had broken the Tibia in his left leg. Ouch! This is a not very good picture of his x-ray, but you can kind of see how it shattered. We learned that his "shin-splints" were probably a stress fracture all along.
I know... I am Mother of the Year....

Even though the break is only about 6 inches above his ankle, his doctor put him into a full leg cast so that he couldn't rotate and move the bones around at all.

He has had the cast on and crutches for 5 weeks now. He is getting pretty fast on them, but, boy... they are no fun at all! we will go in to the doctor soon and hopefully he will get a shorter cast on for a while.

He's been a pretty good sport, but it has been a long 5 weeks. The hardest part has been that he is out for the whole track season. :( But, it did score him a key to the elevator at the high school!
Sorry Al!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thunderbird Track & Field Shines in San Diego - Southern Utah Thunderbirds Athletics

Thunderbird Track & Field Shines in San Diego - Southern Utah Thunderbirds Athletics
Check out Steffi's fast times in San Diego last weekend.
She won the 3,000M Steeplechase and got 3rd place in the 1500M
Way to Go Steff!