Saturday, October 24, 2009

State Cross Cross Country 2009

Alex ran at the State Cross Country Meet at Sugarhouse Park in SLC last week. It was his first time at a really big meet and he did so well. He ran a 3-mile course in 17:33. He was 64th overall in Varsity, and came in 8th out of all sophomores. It was a beautiful, cool fall day for a run. It was a good season.

Coach Esplin, Kyle, Jordan, James, Al, Coach Thompson
Blake, Tyler, Nate

Monday, October 19, 2009

Going, Going, Gone...

We have just begun a new adventure in our family. Mark's sister, Michelle, has come to live with us for the next couple of months. She has cancer in her trachea and in her thyroid. The best place for her to be treated is, of course, the Hunstman Cancer Center in SLC. Michelle lives in Pocatello with her sweet husband and cute daughter. So, it is very difficult for her to be away from them at this time. So, we are trying to make our home a happy, and peaceful place for her while she lives here. She has one chemo treatment a week, and 5 radiations treatments. So... we trek to SLC every day. We made it through the first week with no trouble at all. She is doing really great. So far, she has had no side effects. We assume that they will begin sometime soon. But, until then, she is feeling really good. We did notice her first bald spot today, though. As disheartening as that was, we found a silver lining in that cloud. We met a nice lady today at Huntsman that had a beautiful head-wrap on. We stopped her and asked her about it. She immediately took it off for us to examine. We were so surprised to see that it was made out of a plain old t-shirt! So, on the way home, we stopped and bought some cheap t-shirts and found some really nice scarves, as well. We had a lot of fun tonight, making them for FHE. Check out all the stiles! (the boys were even good sports about it. She's gonna look really groovy!Aunt Michelle and Dev.
Dev has a different idea of what would be attractive....

Head turbans.... Guy style...

Gal Style

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wild Thing

Here is a look at my latest creation! Our Library here in Salem has been open for a year. To celebrate, they had fun games and activities for children. One of the fun things was a cake walk. My friend Sandy is on the library board, and needed a cake for it with a theme coming from a story book. So, I 'went out on a limb' and tried my hand at a picture from "Where the Wild Things Are". I think it turned out pretty cute.

SHHS Letter Jacket

Look! Al's Letter Jacket finally arrived! We ordered it clear back in June.
It seemed a long time to wait for it until today. I think it is so nice looking!
I do love the SHHS school colors! They are very close to my beloved Bear Lake High School colors. (Sorry, Kyle and and gray are good, too.)
This jacket represents a whole lot of miles run,and a whole lot of lawns mowed. Way to go Alex!
And from the rear...