Monday, August 22, 2011

Engagement Fun

Steff got engaged on August 1st to Mark Ramirez. Here are a few pictures. This one is a bit dark... She got led on a fun Scavenger Hunt that ended up at the Provo Temple.

Happy Steff with Roses

She said Yes!

The Bling! Good Job Mark! Her ring is so beautiful.

The Big Day is December 30th, in the Salt Lake Temple

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcome Home, Elder Ramirez!

Welcome Home Mark! It was a happy day at our house.

Prom 2011

Al went to SHHS Prom. He took a lovely young lady. They looked so nice together. Fun times!!

Alex and Andrea at the Promenade, looking dashing.
A close up at Promenade.

The house ready for Fondue Fun after the dance.

Cole, Shelby, Alex, Andrea, Emily and Matt. Talk about some beautiful teenagers!

Spring Break 2011

We took a really fun trip to San Diego, California for Spring Break. The really sad part is that I forgot my battery charger and so when my camera died on the first day, that was that. Darn! Anyway, we went to the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Safari Park, the Beach, Sunset Cliffs, Coronado, San Diego Temple, Mormon Battalion Museum, a showing of "Soul Surfer", Sunset Cliffs, Old Town San Diego, Little Italy, and Sea World. Rich joined us for half of the trip, so that made it extra fun. We got to see Steffi run at Mt SAC. The boys played basketball and pool and ping pong and ran, and we just plain had a wonderful time together. I'm so sad that I didn't get pictures. So, I'll have to remember what fun we all had, instead. Here are the boys at the Zoo.

Great.... I'm Gorilla-sized.

Baby gorillas...

Butterfly Exhibit

A day at the Zoo.

Girl's Trip

I got to go on a really fun Girl's Trip with my mom and my sisters. We went to Disneyland for a couple of days, hung out together at a hotel, and spent a day with my aunt and her family. It was SO fun to see each other and have such a great time together. This is me with DeeAnn. I don't get to see her very often because she lives so far away, so it was such a treat to spend 4 whole days with her!
Here I am with Dee and my mom and Mickey!


Me and Mom and Baloo, at Goofy's Kitchen.

Me, Mom, Alice, Kathy, (my baby sister) and Dee.

" A Dream is a Wish... Your heart makes!"

Choir Tour in San Franciso

I got to go along with Alex and his awesome high school choir on their Tour to San Francisco. Everything was SO much fun! The only bummer was the really LONG bus ride! Other than that, we had a very fun trip. Here is a picture of a giant poster on the wall of the eerie Alcatraz Prison museum. It was a cold, dark, and scary place to be.

A view of Alcatraz Island, from the ferry boat we were traveling on, across a mile and a half of freezing cold water.

Me and Al, outside of a high school, where the choir had just performed.

We went on a fun dinner Cruise! This is me with some of my roommates and new friends.

Alex on the Dinner Cruise with his friends.

Choir Tour

We went to an Art Museum. Here is Al... "Thinking".

St Ignacius Church, where the Choir sang for a couple of Catholic Masses.

A Planetarium, where we saw a movie on a giant screen about the formation of Earth.

A beautiful cabinet made of little tiny pieces of wood from Italy.

A Monet

More Choir Tour...

The Golden Gate Bridge on a rainy, cold day.

We got to actually walk across the bridge! It was SO fun! The wind started to blow like crazy and it rained, when we were about halfway across, but it was still so great.
Al and a couple of his buddies, Sean and Craig.

Me and Al, on Vay-Cay!

The whole crowd!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!

We had a fun party for Heather's birthday! We had a little Mexican food and a lot of cake! Heather's family was able to join us as well... even driving through a winter storm to get here. Since it was Mike's birthday, too, they came along for the fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweethearts Ball 2011

We had a fun dinner here for Alex's Sweethearts Ball.
Here's the table before they messed it up.
Tannon, Cheenee, Amaya, and Alex

Then, Brandon and Emily and Matt and Sammi showed up.
Talk about a bunch of beautiful young people!


Valentine Cookies for dessert.
Happy Valentines Day!

Happy 17th Birthday Alex!

Al is 17! It was couple of fun days of celebration for our family. What a blessing our Alex has been in our lives. He has turned in to the most fun teenager. He was surprised to go out to move "Miles" early on his birthday morning, and find a new stereo installed! Now we can hear him as he comes rockin' up the road!
Alex and his Birthday-Buddy, Jan! We have pictures of them together, every year since Al was a tiny little feller. What fun to share a birthday with one of our favorite ladies in the whole world! Al also shares the day with my Grandma, Edith Wells, and my dear Aunt Lorna.
What a perfect day to be born!

The Birthday Chair.
Steffi gave Al a fun decal for the back of his car of a Rooster. Very cool idea, Steff!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Alex!
Happy Birthday to you!