Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a very wonderful Christmas Season, We let the kids vote again this year about whether they would like to have a traditional Christmas with presents, or if they would like to take a Family Trip. They voted for the family trip. So, we had a fun, interesting vacation to Washington DC and Virginia Beach. We stayed for a week and enjoyed seeing all of the sights that we have seen in pictures and on TV for all of our lives. Even though it was pretty chilly, we had a great time together and made some memories. Here is a taste of the fun!
Kyle and Heather on Christmas Eve

The girls on Christmas Eve. Hooray!!

Now there are 3 of us!

The boys, ready for Santa to come.

My new Raggedy Ann Christmas Tree.

And Off We Go!

On Christmas Morning on the way to the airport.

Dev and the Us Capital Building.

We are marching, ever marching...

Steff and me at the Capital.

The Smithsonian has Big Mac's!!!

More Interesting Sights

"I'm just a Bill.... I'm only a Bill.... Just sittin' here on Capital Hill....

Steff and Amelia Earhart at the Air and Space Museum.

The Hope Diamond

Al and Dev at Ford's Theater.

The darling LDS church buliding where we went to church with the Capital Hill Branch

More Sights

Dev, trying to hold up the Washington Monument.... A little off...
So, I guess he will try to climb it!

The Lincoln Memorial

The White House

More White House

Virginia Aquarium

We went to an Aquarium in Virginia Beach. It was interesting, too, to learn about what kind of sea life shows up in the atlantic ocean. Fishy Faces

Mark and Dev checking out a Horseshoe Crab.

Al, looking at the biggest sea turtle we have ever seen!

Help! Shark!


Jamestown was very interesting! We got to see where some of the first colonists lived, and died, and where they first landed in America. It was cool to actually see where Pocahontas walked and saved John Smith from being executed by her father.Monument to John Smith

Outside the Fort where the big ships came from and left to England.

Steffi, pretending to be Pocahontas.

Dev, chasing Virginia geese
So long, Jamestown!


We found a fun "All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet" in Williamsburg. It was seriously the best food we have ever eaten!
Alex, enjoying the meal.

Steffi, wondering what to do with a crab leg!

There was a fun light show all along Virginia Beach. They gave us a CD of Christmas music at the beginning, and we listened as we drove along. It was really cool!

Al and Steff at a lighthouse on a military base.

Al found a festive turtle on the beach on a misty night.