Monday, June 23, 2008

More Work Done on the House

They wrapped our house up like a christmas present! That "Tyvek" that you can see is a house wrap. They say it is some kind of waterproofing that they put on before the siding. Looks cool. I am worried about my poor grass, though. I hope it will come back okay when it is all done.

Summer Hair-do

Steffi and I had our annual "Braiding Day". She likes to have her hair in corn rows for a month or so in the summer. We are getting better! It only took us about 4 hours this time. I would braid until she could reach it, then she would finish that one while I started the next. She has about 50 or so braids. I think she looks really cute like this. It is way easy to take care of, too. she just washes her hair, braids and all. YES, it is all her own hair. I wish I had that mop. Lucky.

Arrow of Light

Dev received his Arrow of Light award for Cub Scouts last week. We had a fun Pack Night at a picnic grounds at the foot of Payson Canyon. Dev has been very lucky to have such great scout leaders. He got his face painted, his feathers, and I got my last Arrow of Light pin. I have a trio of them!....Now, if I just had that many eagles.....Way to go, Devster!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We Have a Roof!

Here is the latest progress on our house! We had our Father's Day meal in our new room with Mark's new patio set. It was a great day and a lot of fun to sit in the new room. The last picture is of "Three Amigo's". What a trio of crazy kids....

Look! Walls!!

We were facinated by the process of pouring cement! I had no idea that they were going to pump cement UP and OVER the house! Steff and Dev and I just stood there and gawked! The workers were nice and let us ask a bunch of questions and take pictures. I bet they laughed at us later!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More pictures of the new high school. I am so glad to be changing to some 'real school colors! No more batches of red laundry for me....

Check out our new high school! we will be the Salem Hills Skyhawks. It opens this fall and Al and Dev will get to go there. If you are familiar with Salem, it is near Salem Elementary, and behind the old "Jerry's Dairy". We got to go to an open house last week and it is beautiful! Go Skyhawks!

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Men in Black"

Fun picture of Elders One and Two trying to look tough. I especially like the fact that Kyle has his hand in in a bag of chips.....Some things never change!

New pictures of Elder Minson

We received a package from Kyle last week with a disk full of pictures, and a tape of him narrating. It was so fun! We don't get too much mail from him, as it takes so long to get here. (We just e-mail every week.) But, once in a while we get a package of pictures, so that is a treat. It only took 5 weeks to get here, and was open, and held together by a rubber band, but pretty much all in one piece.
These are a few of my favorites. I think it was a little funny that while he was in the Black Sea, posing for a picture, his companion set him up to get hit by a wave! I am especially happy to see that he does, indeed, know how to use a toilet brush!! Lookin' good, Gomer!