Sunday, September 14, 2008

It is Kyle's 21st birthday on September 15th. We ate cake to celebrate, and had a lot of fun. But the best celebration will be in a few weeks when we can tell him 'happy birthday' in person. We are getting close. He will be home October 1st. Happy Birthday Kyle. See ya soon.

Ammon is home!!!!!

Yippee....Ammon is home. We went to visit and he is looking really good. He looks so much taller and straighter. We anxiously await his return to school.

Back to School

Here is Steffi's new house. It is a cute little house near campus. Steffi and friends hanging out at a football game.
New bedroom.
Steff and some fun old high school friends, Jenny and Bethany.

Go Skyhawks

Al began his Cross Country season. Here he is running at the Bulldog Invitational in Provo.
Al ready for a meet in his new Skyhawk 'blues'. "The Tradition Starts Now."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Go Thunderbirds!

Steffi had her first Cross country meet of the season. It was at Idaho State. both of SUU's teams came in first place. They beat UVU and ISU. Steffi has a really great team this year. It will be a battle each week to earn a spot to travel.

Old friends and new.

Steff lives with several teammates this year. Here are her roommates. They are L to R: Steffi, Maddie, Kindal, Kristen, Lynzee, and Diana
Finishing the race, a ways ahead of her high school arch rival.

Landscaping Is Done.

The Landscapers are finished. We are so happy with the job. It was so interesting to watch them transform our dust pile into a beautiful yard and garden. We have a new sprinkling system that should make it so that we should never have to worry about watering now. In a few years, we will have a nice little nook for ourselves. Thanks Elite Grounds! View from the front. It looks really different without the fruit trees. I didn't know we had so much space on the west side of the house.
More west side view, where the messy cherry and plum trees, and sandbox used to be. I am a bit sad to see the sand box go, though. Many happy hours were spent there by my little ones.
More side of the house. I made them paint the ugly black gas pipe, though.
It looks a lot better, now.
West side from the back.
Our vegetable garden just got a whole lot smaller!

Back Yard

The Back view is prett. too. I am anxious to sit outside and read a book, or have a fun BBQ.
This is the patio area right off the new room. the block for the patio is really cool looking. It was like putting a giant puzzle together!
This is a little walkway over by the shed, with more of the same block from the patio. I think it looks cute.
The back view of the house All of the plants will grow a lot bigger to hide the fences and ugly shed. In a few years, we should have a great little hedge all the way around the yard.
View of the back from the shed side.
More patio view. Eventually, we won't be able to see the neighbors, or them us!